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Modern Harmony Designs [formerly EfficientNow] curates beautifully designed and engineered, energy efficient products sourced from around the globe. Our mission is to deliver the latest in technology that blends customer desires to live in beautifully architected, modern spaces while reducing their energy footprint.

Our core values – Heal the Planet, Innovation, and Modern Design – guide us as we help customers achieve beautiful and sustainable living.

Transform your living space.



Many traditional products are being redesigned – incorporating innovative technologies and becoming more efficient. With a modern aesthetic and focus on high quality, we have curated products from around the world that meet the needs of buildings today. 


When you’re making a significant investment, it’s important that you’re confident you have the right team in place. Our experienced consultants can help with every aspect of your solution—from design to implementation. With attention to detail and process, we bring together technologies and services to create the best solutions for your goals.


We have a collaborative business model focused on commercial and residential modern building design. Working with key partners in a wide range of areas including solar, lighting, awnings and HVAC, we are increasing the value we provide to customers through extensive offerings.

How is Modern Design Better?

“These beautiful, high quality LED light bulbs look like pieces of jewelry and we are saving energy.”

Owner, residential

“They did a wonderful job on the design and we did not have to worry about the quality of the products. Simple, elegant, and efficient.”


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